CylinDraw AutoSVG is a free image vectorization utility. Enjoy!


1. Upload your image files at the 'Upload' Page. (Tip, give them long & descriptive file names)

2. This bot auto converts each image into a stack of SVG vector files. (Up to 6 mono color + 13 color)

3. The bot will start immediately if its not busy. It takes 15 minutes to fully process 1 image.

4. Download your svg at the 'Complete' page.


*Quality of the output depends on quality of the input. Low resolution images can have weird artifacts when vectorized. (High Def images are too big to handle so we will reduce all images to 2000 pixels on the longest dimension.)

*Not every svg produced will be desirable and thats OK. This process is automated and will apply the same set of filters to everything even though it only makes sense in some cases and not others.

*You may use the files for any purpose other than selling the digital svgs.

Q: Can I view only things I submit, and not everyone elses too?

A: No, sorry. Everyone shares the spoils of this bots work.

Q: Why is this free, whats the catch? A: I am using this page for advertising purposes. Im providing this service for free to make people aware of the CylinDraw!

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